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If you would like to leave a drunken rant, thoughts on new episodes or just need an empty space to talk to at 02.00— call: (561) 666-7636 and leave a message!

If you would like to ask a question or point out something that irks you on a future topic that will be discussed on our show, please consider the following topics:

Episode 2: It’s Called Culture, You Amazonian Twit

We will be looking at the rise of online book sales, the demise of bookstores and everything between while trying to talk to people who see the shift as a great thing for everyone involved. If you work in a bookstore and would like to call and tell us what charms and features a brick-and-mortar store has that will never occur online, please do so. If you shop through Amazon, call and tell us why. Maybe leave a number if you’d like us to call you back so we can get into a yelling match over it…

Episode 3: Comic Books

When did comics become popular and something bordering on fine-literature? It wasn’t when I was in middle school or high school and having to hide reading them from peers who wanted to beat the shit out of me for reading them and teachers who wanted to fail me for turning in a book report on Chris Claremont as the greatest American writer. Are comics a viable form of literature? Will they ever be fully embraced as anything more than a diversion for children? And why the Hell do people go out and see the movies but never buy TPBs afterward?

Fair warning—
All messages are recorded and may be used on our podcast. It is never our intent to edit anything to make it sound out of its original context, but we may edit for brevity…. or comedic value.


2 responses to “Call Us!

  • Leahlovesmode

    I’m drunk. I hate that bookstores are losing their asses to Kindles and Nooks and that fucking Amazon online thrift store. Beer RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But sad. About the books. Totally.

  • LeahLovesMode

    Look, I can spell when I drink – what’s YOUR excuse, 99% of facebook hacks?? BEER! And sad. Still. About the books. And I just backspaced over a personal rant at a douchbag who thinks he’s God’s gift to literature and his whore. Oops.

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