Episode 6:

Hosts: William Akin, c.vance

Introduction by: Bill Baber

Guests: Davis Schneiderman discusses his performance-based work and three editors from Revolver, Lara Avery, Luke Finsaas and Thorwald Esbensen sit down with c.vance and Rae Wood to discuss their gathering of writers taking risks on stage for Revolver At The Ritz.

Drunken Literates

Listen to Episode 6:

Perform Like an Heirloom Tomato!

A look at writing taken off the page.

Some titles are only understood after listening…

Aren’t there some things best left to the page? A question we try to answer in this podcast two years in the making! Pieced together from guerrilla recordings of events ranging from &Now to a festival of cat videos— all to try to understand why we give people the platform to read/perform their work and how they can either succeed at entertaining us or fail in the most boring of ways. We have a line-up of academics, working writers, publishers and more— all to tout another way words can be enjoyed.

As always, all of our podcasts are on iTunes. Simply search “Drunken Literates” and put our idiocy on your mobile device!


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