Episode 4:

Hosts: William Akin, c.vance

Introduction: Bill Baber

Guests: Sue Fondrie, Winner of the 2011 Bulwer-Lytton Contest, and our “resident expert” Jonathan Ludwig

Drunken Literates

Listen to Episode 4:

Is “Bad” a Genre?

An Episode Which Asserts Nothing.

We delve into the worst fiction has to offer, often finding ourselves stumbling over genre fiction and the cliches they offer up. We interview Sue Fondrie, winner of the Worst Sentence of 2011 by the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest… AND we bring in our “resident expert” Jonathan Ludwig to help facilitate the literary death match! What is our literary death match? Each host finds 15 of the WORST sentences and pits them against the other… we had hoped this would prove as a sounding board, allowing us to come a conclusion that all genres of fiction– literary to steam punk –have horrible writing. Instead, we ended up laughing too much to come to any such conclusion.

As of this episode, all of our podcasts are on iTunes. Simply search “Drunken Literates” and put our idiocy on your mobile device!

One thing NOT on iTunes is this mini-cast of our first caller randomly joining our conversation. Carol asks us our professional opinion on how vampire authors (called “the bad guys”) are changing the DNA of the world through literature and movies. Seriously. You cannot make this shit up. Give a listen!


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