Episode 3:

Hosts: William Akin, c.vance

Introduction: Bill Baber

Guests: Chris Bolton, co-creator of Smash, Matt Funk – creator/contributor to Fables For Japan and employee at the comic book shop Pegasus Books – and two of its frequent customers: Chad Lucero & Christopher Rushing

Drunken Literates

Listen to Episode 3:

Spandex and Capes!

BAM! POW! Join us as we talk about comics: the ways it affected our literacy as children, our morality (or lack thereof) as adults, why we need heroes and why people will line-up for the movies but have no desire to pick up the saddle-stitched books attributed to our youth. Chris Bolton, who created the beautiful comic geared toward younger audiences Smash with his brother, offers his insights into how comics went gritty and if web-based comics will attract younger audiences to the medium again. Then we talk to current readers of comics– pulled at random from the employee and customers of the great comic shop Pegasus Books in Bend, OR –and they tell us their reasons for reading this uniquely American genre of literature.

And, just to prove we are qualified to take on this topic, here’s fanboy proof:

Yes— it’s hard to see, but that is c.vance at homecoming sophomore year in high school dressed as Clark Kent, and his poor date as Lois Lane.


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