Episode 2:

Hosts: William Akin, c.vance

Introduction: Bill Baber

Guests: Tina Davis, owner of Camalli Book Co., Heather Evanson

Drunken Literates

Listen to Episode 2:

It’s Called Culture, You Amazonian Twit!

Give a listen as we delve into our love for bookstores and the wares they supply us with… and then compare these charms with the aspect of shopping online. To help us illustrate these points, we berate Portland author Heather Evanson for her inebriated Amazon shopping and then we talk to Tina Davis who started an independent bookstore four years ago— and just closed its doors for good last week. None of the recordings or clips used are used with permission, please don’t sue us… we have nothing. The image above, however, was used with the permission of Joey Cameau; the one below was just implied permission. Take a look at the comic he does with Emily Horne: A Softer World.


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